Improve your slot winnings with smart percentages

percentagesWhat’s the first game to draw your eye when you enter a casino, whether online or on land? It’s undoubtedly the vast array of slot machines. They’re everywhere, offering an amazing variety of gimmicks and looks. When you log into an online casino, you can be dazzled by as many as 500 slot machines, and in this environment you can even set the betting amounts to meet your personal budget. While most people will select a machine based on the look, the theme or the types of bonuses offered, these are certainly not the only things to take into consideration. The aspect not as often addressed is the payout percentage of a machine, and this is basic to how much a player can win.

Slot winnings with smart percentages

It is standard practice to have games audited on a routine schedule in the top This safeguard makes sure that the payout percentages are verified and the game, therefore, is paying out fairly. If properly considered before choosing a machine, the payout percentage is an aid in making a good selection. With an eye to the percentages, players can choose the slots that offer the best chances of winning back a portion of their money.


The payout percentage tells how much of every dollar played will be returned to the bettor in winnings. For example, a 97% payout means that for every $100 bet, the machine will return $97 in winnings – eventually. This does not mean that every bet will return a given percent. The ratio applies over the long term and any individual player may not be the one to place a bet that will return at that time. The percentage gives an assurance to players that, although they will probably not hit a jackpot every session, they stand a reasonable chance of some return from each game. Typically the winnings are small amounts that allow for continued play.

The important thing to learn about payout percentages is that they matter. You should always check out the percentage before settling at a slot game. You always want to pick the game that has the highest payout percentage. These will give the player more frequent and more lucrative returns on his money played. Payout percentage is a more important factor in selecting a machine than higher base payouts or other attractions.

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